Driftwood Gardens Guesthouse

about us

We are: Phil, Megan, and son Mitch. We moved to Belize in 2017 from New Jersey to enjoy year-round sun, sea, and warm weather. After years of research and reconnaissance, working multiple jobs, and saving as much as possible, we finally dropped our old life, quit those jobs, and moved to Belize.  We chose Placencia as our paradise, and bought this property within weeks of arriving.  Since then we have enjoyed adapting to the “Barefoot Perfect” lifestyle of the village. We love living in this warm community full of friendly faces and being within walking distance of everywhere we need to go.

Phil’s passion is health and fitness and he appreciates being active outdoors year-round. While enjoying all the perks that Belize offers, he has not totally abandoned his prior career path and still works remotely as a physical therapist. 

Megan is a freelance writer, and indulges her creative side by writing a blog (Real Life Recess) and crafting. She’s also a superb source of information on expat life, village happenings,  and unique experiences. She is also always up for a happy hour cocktail. 

Mitch is enrolled in a local school where in addition to learning the typical reading, writing, and arithmetic,  he’s also being exposed to gardening, agriculture, animal husbandry, and fishing. He also has a passion for football (soccer).

We live onsite and manage the Guesthouse ourselves. We are always available to answer questions, assist with recommendations, and ensure your vacation is as memorable as possible . Please feel free to approach us at any time!

We love Placencia and you will too!